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From TPT/Channel 17 Twin Cities

From TPT/Channel 17 Twin Cities

The Minnesota Channel has a new distribution option available to its partners, that could be especially useful for those, like the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, that have been making DVD copies of our collaborative television programs to mail out to schools around the nation for classroom use.

We now have a conduit into the enormously popular iTunes Music Store. We are posting selected Minnesota Channel videos on that site, where anyone in the world can download them, for free, and watch our partner's programs on either on a video iPod or simply on any computer.

Because our programming is free, and so many iTunes videos are not, we are seeing an increasing number of downloads.

We have already posted two programs that were produced in partnership with CHGS: "Holocaust: Aftermath" and "Voice to Vision."

To share these with students and educators anywhere, simply send out these directions:
1. Open iTunes Music Store
2. Using the Search box, type in "Twin Cities Public Television"
3. Choose and open the "Minnesota Channel" line
4. Select any of the programs for free downloading

The programs are presented in the full original version, including sponsor credits and website contact information to connect the viewers with the producing partners, like CHGS. TPT will be monitoring the download frequency, and can let CHGS know how many times a viewer has requested either of your videos.