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Albrook School,
Saginaw, MN.

Central Middle School,
Devils Lake, ND.

Faribault High School,
Faribault, MN.

Harbor City International
High School,
Duluth, MN.

Talmud Torah of Minneapolis,

Work Opportunity Center,
Minneapolis, MN.

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Student Artworks
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Title: Heart of the World
Students: Bao Yang
Grade: 12th Grade
School: Work Opportunity Center
Instructor: Craig Erickson

Artist's Statement
"We all have to join and put our hands together, to light up the heart of the world; then our existence as humans would be worth more than life.

These three children of different races have hopes and dreams for their future. They love the future enough to make it a better place. Their figures are touched together to light up the world. But they'll soon discover that their hands touched together would do so much more.

We as a nation have lived together through rain, storms, terror, and losses. When we find the heart of the world, love will overcome all obstacles in life.

I believe that a picture has so many thoughts and marks hidden in the lines and colors. You will see life and meanings in art because art is life, and life is everywhere."


Students: Aaron J. Beaulieu and Edgar Yanez-Herrera
School: Work Opportunity Center
Instructor: Craig Erickson

Artists' Statement
"Coexistence to me means different people from totally different places in the world coming together and making both worlds work together. We do this every day in our school, Work Opportunity Center.

Some of the pieces I put in our mural have special meaning to me as a Native American and some things I thought other people would like or relate to.

Edgar and I decided to do a Minneapolis scene dedicated to the North side / South side theme because even though Minneapolis is divided and we come from many different backgrounds, we all coexist in one city."

--Aaron J. Beaulieu--

"Collaborating with other people is a different way to do art. It's good to get to know someone with a different race, culture, or sex because you may learn something you might have never thought of before. Me working with my partner was a cool experience, we each learned about other cultures and put all of these ideas into our work. Every little thing in this drawing has meaning. The mural has lots of stories to tell about getting along."

--Edgar Yanez-Herrera--

Below: Finished Version: COEXISTENCE by Aaron J. Beaulieu and Edgar Yanez-Herrera Finished Version: COEXISTENCE by Aaron J. Beaulieu and Edgar Yanez-Herrera


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